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Cardio Sculpt

Feel lighter, stronger and happier after high-intensity, dance-based cardio followed by strength training and stretching.

Power Sculpt

Fire up your metabolism in this HIIT class that combines high-intensity dance-based cardio with intervals of targeted strength work. Finish with concentrated strength training.


Build lean muscle in this strength training class. You’ll squat, push-up and plank your way to total-body wellness with routines that sculpt and tone every muscle in your body.


Cut to the chase with a 30-minute blast of dance-based cardio plus strength training.


Increase flexibility & relieve soreness in this 30 minute dance based restorative class. With dynamic and static stretching, you'll stabilise your joints, lengthen your muscles and promote physical and mental balance.


use muscles not momentum to get a total body workout, without the impact on your joints. Perfect for all fitness levels.